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Firewood Delivery

Firewood Delivery in Lake Charles, LA

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We service Lake Charles with some nice well seasoned oak firewood. We always start the fire on every delivery to reassure that you have made a great decision about your oak firewood purchase from Lake Charles We believe that quality over quantity is the key to buying quality pre seasoned oak firewood. We always season oak firewood for six to nine months before we sell in texas. In texas we remove trees year round in texas tree removal services and so we make rows of stacked firewood in our firewood service yard evvery month and never go back to this oak fireewood untll it has been sitting six to nine months.


1. When hiring someone to bring me oak firewood what should I expect?

A: When hiring an oak firwood delivery in Lake Charles, LA you should expect the oak firewood to be 100% oak and this is a a common way servies cut prices by offering hardw wood mixed firewood. At Treeremovalservices.org we only cure and process oak firewood. You should expect the service to be on time and delivery of the firewood in a stack or on a wood rack. If you don't have one it is a good investment. You should expect them to start a rire with the oak firewood to make sure that it burns properly.

2. How do I know I have seasoned oak firewood?

A: A seasoned oak firewood is grey in color and has cracks in the race of the wood It is less yellow and more grey. Seasoned firwood burns hot and faster than green wood that has not been seasoned.

3. What sizes of oak firewood are common to buy for a fireplace?
A: Common sizes vary from a neighborhood to areas So it is best to measure the inside area or your fireplace. Most oak firewood is cut in 18" to 24" in length and the bigger the piece the longer it will burn.

4. Is buying oak firewood the best way to heat my house in the cold months?

A: We have found that wood especially oak wood is one of the best ways to heat a home or business. We have also found outages in an ice or snow storrm reassures a warm safe place to star during these times. Using firewood as a resource to heat your home is way more economical as well as it is uses our resources on earth instead of pulling from the sun to create electricity. People remove oak trees every day so it is a great resource on earth especially in Texas because or all the oak trees in Texas.

5. What are cords of firewood? What is a rack of firewood?
A: A cord of oak firewood is 24" cut wood stacked in a box on each corner and long ways between the two boxes 4' high and 16' long.

In conclusion, we recommend you give us a call and ask questions. We want your family to benifit from the earths resources and have extensive details in the wood yard industry. We believe that your experience with our company will bring you back time and time again for the best firewood in Lake Charles, LA. Call us now for immediate deliver times.